Our History: …just sit well

Anyone who has heard of STEIFENSAND knows that there is no other statement that could describe the ergonoimc office swivel chair manufaktur any better.

F.-Martin Steifensand the fahter of Gernot-M. Steifensand founded the company at the end of the 1960s in Wendelstein Germany and made it known throughout the country by inventing the so-called „spinal disk chair“.

The STEIFENSAND family business grew rapidly and was successful anduntil it was sold to a Scandinavian group of companies at the beginning of the 1990s.

Gernot-M. Steifensand the son of he founder F.-Martin Steifensand foundet a new ergonomic chair company in the year 1998 to continue the famil tradition. It is a matter of the heart to make it a family business once again.

The legendary „spinal disk chair“ remained a part of the product range. The world´s first ergonomic office chair for women was introduced in the year 2002 at the funiture fair ORGATEC. With the Mass Customization ergonomic office chair collection made the company another breakthrough.

The enormous quantities were all handmade. In the company‘s own production hall with integrated upholstery. And this is still done at the STEIFENSAND premises.

At STEIFENSAND USA we believe in the greatness of our ergonomic seating solutions for men and women.