SITWELL FIRE – Prevention and Alleviation of Back Pain

Discover the new ergonomic office chair SITWELL FIRE collection and free yourself from the “uniform office Chair” according to government standards.

SITWELL STEIFENSAND® ergonomic office chair Made by Gernot Steifensand

Prevention and Alleviation of Back Pain
Promotes Relaxed and Healthy Working
Increases Performance and Concentration
Activates Heart and Circulation
Reduces Stress and Tension

The power of FIRE is an undeniable force of nature that has altered the planet since the beginning of time.

The SITWELL FIRE ergonomic office chair gives your body the strength and energy you need to keep your body, mind, and soul in balance.

The modern art design and new 3-ErgoSWOP seating techniques with modern features of our time release your “seating energy”, allowing you to feel fit and effective.

The discovery of fire radically changed human history. Today fire stands for the energy and warmth that everyone needs in life. FIRE releases your sitting energy and improves the seat quality at your workplace.

The dynamic art design will awaken your spirits. Every hour on FIRE releases your “sitting energy” and improves your mental and physical well-being.

Every hour on SITWELL FIRE activates with the 3D-ErgoSWOP seating technology your life spirits and physical well-being.

3D-ErgoSWOP – Prevention and Alleviation of Back Pain

  • Ergonomic Workspace Design: Ensure that your desk and chair are adjusted to your height. The monitor should be at eye level to avoid neck and back pain.
  • Regular Breaks: Take a short break every 30 to 60 minutes to stretch and move around.

3D-ErgoSWOP – Promotes Relaxed and Healthy Working

  • Stress Management: Techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, and regular breaks can help reduce stress.
  • Ergonomic Aids: Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to promote a natural hand position.

3D-ErgoSWOP – Increases Performance and Concentration

  • Movement Breaks: Short walks or stretching exercises can improve blood circulation and concentration.
  • Healthy Diet: A balanced diet contributes to overall health and performance.

3D-ErgoSWOP – Activates Heart and Circulation

  • Exercise: Regular physical activity, such as walking, jogging, or cycling, supports cardiovascular health.
  • Standing Desks: Use standing desks or height-adjustable desks to alternate between sitting and standing.

3D-ErgoSWOP – Reduces Stress and Tension

The evolution of sitting from prehistoric times to the modern office reflects significant cultural and technological shifts. As we move forward, the focus will continue to be on creating work environments that not only accommodate, but also promote healthier and more dynamic ways of working.

Embracing these changes with the new and revolutionary 3D-ErgoSWOP ergonomic desk chair SITWELL FIRE, will be the key to enhancing movment, productivity, health, and well-being in the workplace.

SITWELL is ecological, environmentally friendly, and has a high level of individuality and recognisability.
We offer a special service, long warranty periods, and recycling – a big plus for many of our customers.

SITWELL is dedicated to keeping you fit through ecological and biological seating, which reduces down-time and illness costs at the computer station. Our brand products were developed over the last ten years with passion and dedication from doctors, occupational therapists, radiologists, sports scientists, seating pioneers, and gender-ergonomics experts as well as with our customers and company doctors.

SITWELL distinguishes itself today from competitors with international patents, new materials, and scientifically-tested technologies in order to give our customers the safety and trust to purchase new seating that is comfortable and ergonomic.

SITWELL brand quality is made possible with especially high quality “hand-made in Germany”. This long life cycle rouses human emotions and health consciousness.